Volunteer Job Openings

All these jobs are volunteer only, we are more than happy to offer references for your C.V./Resume. In the future there is a possibility of some jobs turning into a paid job.

All applications are to be sent to [email protected] please attach any relevant information to the email, along with a cover letter on why you would be good for the job you have chosen. The title of the email should be what job you are applying for.

The Divine Network

Media Specialist

The Media Specialist will work with Tom to make trailers for the servers, as well as content for the Network Youtube channel. We are looking for someone with Film and Graphic Design skills. A fast upload speed would help with your applications, along with a fast PC that is able to capture in 1080p up to 4k resolution.

Social Media Assistant

As a Social Media Assistant you will work mainly on Twitter and Facebook, with the possibility of moving to other Social Media. We are looking for someone who can work for themselves and help advertise and make relevant posts on all of our Social Media accounts.

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer for the Network, you will work with Tom on making images for anything that is needed. For this position you will be required to have a portfolio of work to show.